Friday, November 12, 2010

office bubble

Amsterdam has the highest rate of empty offices in Europe with 23%!

BNSP young proffesionals organises interesting events with young people involved in the urban development in the Netherlands. In november I attended a meeting about the "office planning bubble". The 3 speakers gave their view on this rising issue from a research, government and the market perspective. My main 3 lessons:

1. The value of the property is still to high to invest in transformation of the buildings, however this might soon changes if investors reassess their real estate. Some of my projects in The Hague show how a good transformation can look like such as the Caballero Fabriek, Labs55 and het Ondernemershuis! I would love to do more projects like this and also look at new functions as residential or retail.

2. Urban regions need to collaborate! Individual cities in the region should jointly consider their share of expected new office and not compete with each other on new office developments. NICIS: Publicatie 'Ruimte ruilen. Regionale samenwerking als oplossing voor de aanpak van leegstaande kantoren’ L. Jansen-Janssen

3. The labour force will not increase, it is wishful thinking that empty offices will become occupied in their original function.

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